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      Welcome to JH Mathieson Surveying

      We have been providing professional land surveying and engineering in Midcoast Maine since 1972. Using the most up to date equipment we can perform surveying services for large or small projects. We take pride in providing our clients with quality products and superior service, on time, and to their specifications.


      Serving All of Maine

      While JH Mathieson is based in Midcoast Maine, we can fill your surveying needs in any part of Maine. From the islands of Penobscot Bay to the interior of Maine.

      We offer the following types of surveying

      River Rise Farm
      Androscoggin County, Maine

      Sandy Stream
      Penobscot County, Maine

      Vinalhaven Wind Project
      Knox County, Maine

      Meddybumps Lake
      Washington County, Maine

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